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The best-selling Amsterdam popper, now as a solid popper. Being a mixture of poppers and wax, this stuff only works when you want it to, instead of just dissolving into thin air while you are not using it. This gives you complete control over your popper experience.

The best-selling Amsterdam popper, now as a solid popper. Contents: 240 ml (24 x 10 ml).

Have you ever heard of solid incense? If you haven’t, you should really try some... This incense is a mixture of wax and poppers: the wax keeps the stuff solid (until you decide to use it), and the poppers - well, you know what they do!

Box Dragon Solid Poppers. Contents: 240 ml (24 x 10 ml).

Solid incense is the latest incense discovery. What’s so great about it, you ask? Well, it’s a blend of wax and poppers which doesn’t start working its magic until you want it to!

Box Rush Solid Poppers. Contents: 240 ml (24 x 10 ml).

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