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Latest products

Magnificent flogger-style whip with an exquisite grip. Ideal for those who want to leave their mark well during BDSM sessions.

Wanna be really tempting and make him adore you even more?

More pleasure in your bedroom? Aww yes! Try our naughty gadget.

Do you want to feel great pleasure? We’ve got a spicy and naughty thing for you.

It’s getting hot and you can already feel it. Get ready for tonight! With this crop it’s gonna be amazing.

Delicate and pleasant? Aww yes. It’s gonna be such a delightful night.

Pretty, sexy and tempting? Yes – it’s just you! Get this charming look with the sensual, black guipure. This mask brings plenty of magical moments. And guess what? It works hot and naughty, too! Ready for a night of spicy sensations?

Your sexy attribute for tonight? Plenty of intriguing and coquettish appeal! Aww, yes. Don’t hesitate. Put on this special mask, give your lover a flirty look and let him know – it’s gonna be a very naughty night! Enjoy it together!

Let us discreetly enter you into the world of fantasy. Keep your eyes wide open. Blindfold will give you a little bit of uncertainty, thrill and excitement in the world of eroticism.

Are you looking for new emotions? We have a great proposal for you: cover

Cover your eyes and… start the naughty play! Feel this silky fabric on your skin and discover the pure pleasure. Tonight you don't need your eyes - use your imagination! So?

Wanna play a role of a mysterious temptress? You don’t need a sword, a horse, or even a cape (it would be a sin to cover such a fabulous body). Your sexy shapes and black mask is everything you need! Probably you won’t save the world, but you’ll save your