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Masks & Gags

Masks & Gags

Pretty, sexy and tempting? Yes – it’s just you! Get this charming look with the sensual, black guipure. This mask brings plenty of magical moments. And guess what? It works hot and naughty, too! Ready for a night of spicy sensations?

Wanna be really tempting and make him adore you even more?

Your sexy attribute for tonight? Plenty of intriguing and coquettish appeal! Aww, yes. Don’t hesitate. Put on this special mask, give your lover a flirty look and let him know – it’s gonna be a very naughty night! Enjoy it together!

Thanks to its special design this silicone ball sits securely in your partner's mouth. The back strap features a buckle with 10 holes for a perfect fit for all genders, shapes and sizes.

Do you want your partner to obey your orders and wishes without complaint? Then the Ball Gag Gag with Metal Leash was made for that very purpose, to answer all your expectations!

Keep your partner in total silence with this gag and complete the submission ritual with adjustable nipple clamps.

Large leather mask perfect for masquerade and themed events, role play and dress up. It has soft underside for comfort and is held in place by an elastic strap.

This BDSM set brings together everything you need for countless moments of pleasure. Enjoy unforgettable bondage sessions with this kit consisting of 9 different products.

This gorgeous red BDSM set includes 9 different products to play with like a blindfold, a gag, a rope, a a pair of handcuffs, a flogger, nipple clamps, a collar and leash plus a tickler.

Let us discreetly enter you into the world of fantasy. Keep your eyes wide open. Blindfold will give you a little bit of uncertainty, thrill and excitement in the world of eroticism.

Teach your lover to submit to your every wish with no arguments with this breathable ball gag.

Make your fantasies come true, play and let play, live and a unique experience. The black Catwoman Leather Mask is the perfect complement that helps you reach the climax necessary to make all your fantasies come true.

Intensify the fantasy in your sexual adventures with a Catwoman Red Leather Mask. Leather masks are the ideal accessories for Fetish and BDSM games.

This sexy piece will keep your captive quiet during playtime. The soft faux leather cooshy bite area (about 13cm) does not hurt their teeth but won’t let them make a peep.

Are you looking for new emotions? We have a great proposal for you: cover

With the detachable eye pads this product doubles as a mask and a blindfold. This way is easier to decide what you want your partner to see giving you an extra level of control.

This facial kit is designed for SadoMaso relationships. The three adjustable straps allow the blindfold to fit any head size. Unisex.

Soft faux leather eye mask to entice your senses. It's very comfortable and versatile and a great starting point for bondage.

Indulge your sexy side with this beautiful eye mask inspired on the Venetian carnival.

These Leopard print set will provoke strong feelings in your adventures within four walls. Live wild experiences with this beginner bondage set that includes two pairs of handcuffs and a blindfold in leopard print .

This penis mouth gag is irresistibly erotic! You will love the seductive look and feel of this gag while you explore your deepest sexual desires.

The sensual leather mask provokes the excitement of any sexual partner. The air of mystery, sensuality and power that the Rainbow Detail Leather Mask awakens will incite fantastic sexual experiences.

Cover your eyes and… start the naughty play! Feel this silky fabric on your skin and discover the pure pleasure. Tonight you don't need your eyes - use your imagination! So?

Wanna play a role of a mysterious temptress? You don’t need a sword, a horse, or even a cape (it would be a sin to cover such a fabulous body). Your sexy shapes and black mask is everything you need! Probably you won’t save the world, but you’ll save your

The Sexy Lace Mask will add an air of refinement and mystery to your night of pleasure. The sensual mask adds extravagance to your lingerie and brings your pair's imagination to life so that they experience unique and very spicy moments.

The Sexy White Lace Mask manages to combine sensuality, lightness and refinement. This is the perfect erotic accessory to promote incredible nights of pleasure and seduction.

This gag leaves your partner speechless while still granting you access to their mouth as it remains open.

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