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Intimate Wash Vaginal Douche




This is the best product for intimate cleaning of the vagina. A vaginal douche specially adapted for vaginal care with comfort and safety.

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Intimate Wash is a douche especially suitable for women and can therefore be used as a vaginal douche or anal douche. The 300 ml reservoir of this intimate care douche has a pump system so that fluids are gradually released smoothly.

The nozzle of this vaginal douche is long and flexible for easier and more comfortable use. To make the experience simpler and more pleasant, you should apply a little lubricant to the nozzle of the douche as well as to the areas to be cleaned, be it the anus or the vagina.

Simple method of use in just 4 steps:
- Fill the container with warm water
- Carefully insert the douche nozzle into the vagina or anus
- Gradually press the pump to release fluids
- Remove the nozzle after all fluids are drained.

Some features of this product:
- Easy to use
- Easy to clean
- Thin, long and flexible nozzle for easier use
- Made of comfortable and safe materials for the body
- Specially created to adapt to the female body
- Can be used in any position, sitting, standing or even lying down
- Also suitable for use as an anal douche

Brand: SEVW Erotic

Material: ABS

Capacity: 300ml

Some precautions to take:
- Pay attention to the water temperature. It must be neither too cold nor too hot in order to prevent any discomfort or damage
- Pay attention to the intensity of the jet as too much pressure can cause damage
- Do not use vaginal douches or anal douches on a very regular basis as this can compromise the intestinal flora and the pH of the vagina
- It is advisable to wait at least one to two hours between using the douche and having sex

How to care: Before and after each use it is advisable to wash thoroughly with soap and water. Whenever possible, allow to dry completely at room temperature before storing.