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Shower Attachment for Anal Douche with 3 Tips Clean Flux




Clean Flux is a stainless steel accessory to be placed directly on the shower hose. Suitable for anal douche and / or for wonderful masturbation sessions in the shower. Includes 3 different tips.

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Why buy a simple anal douche when you can have the best of both worlds? This small accessory allows you to get the best out of an anal douche and, at the same time, works wonders when used in the most sensitive areas of the body, such as the clitoris, nipples, glans or anus.

Using Clean Flux is very simple, just replace the traditional shower head with this accessory, attaching it directly to the hose, choose which tip you want to use and use the tap to regulate the flow and temperature of the water. It could not be easier.

Each of the tips allows you to get incredible sensations of a different nature, so it is best to test each one to know best what to expect. Use water pressure to your advantage and increase it for masturbation sessions and reduce it for anal cleansing sessions.

Some features of this product:
- Perfect for anal cleaning
- Can be used to stimulate erogenous areas such as clitoris, nipples, glans, anus, etc.
- Allows you to easily adjust the water temperature
- Allows you to adjust the water pressure to your liking
- It has 3 different metal tips to choose from, each one provokes different sensations
- Very easy to keep clean and sterile

Brand: SEVW Erotic

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 15,5 X 2,5 cm

Some precautions to take:
- Pay attention to the water temperature. It must be neither too cold nor too hot in order to avoid discomfort or damage
- Pay attention to the intensity of the jet as too much pressure on the rectum can cause damage
- Do not use the anal douche on a regular basis as this can compromise the intestinal flora
- It is advisable to wait at least one to two hours between using the anal douche and intercourse so that the rectum regains its natural lubrication and internal sensitivity

How to care: Before and after each use it is advisable to wash thoroughly with soap and water. Whenever possible, allow to dry completely at room temperature before storing.