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Deep Cleansing Anal Douche Kit



This is a 4 piece anal douche kit that comes with a extra large reservoir and 3 different nozzle tips to provide different sensation every time you use them.

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This Deep Cleansing Anal Douche Kit is a anal shower and a sex toy at the same time. The 3 different nozzle tips can be used for simple cleansing as well as for more fun adventures.

This product is composed of 4 parts. The reservoir is an e easy to use squeeze bulb big enough to hold a great amount of water. Then, there is a basic, very comfortable screw-on douche attachment, as you would find in any other anal douches. The second screw-on attachment is a deeper one, for rinsing, that comes with a spay type tip, which provides a very different sensation. At last, this kit also comes with a bumpy sleeve to put over the rinsing nozzle that increases its girth and provides extra stimulation.

Reasons why you'll love this anal douche:
- Easy to use anal douche
- Extra large water reservoir
- Reusable and easy to clean
- Ideal for vaginal or anal use
- Comes with 3 attachments
- Each attachment has its own shape providing different pleasurable experiences

Instructions for use:
- Fill the bulb with warm water
- After filling, screw the nozzle of the anal douche
- You can also choose to suck the water directly without having to screw the nozzle
- Apply a little lubricant to both the nozzle and the anus
- Carefully insert the nozzle of the anal douche and squeeze the bulb to expel the water
- Sit on the toilet to expel the waste
- If you feel the need, repeat the process

Some precautions to take into consideration:
- You must pay attention to the water temperature. It must be neither too cold nor too hot in order to avoid any discomfort or damage
- You should not use the anal douche on a regular basis as this can compromise the intestinal flora
- It is advisable to wait at least one to two hours between using the anal douche and intercourse so that the rectum regains its natural lubrication and internal sensitivity

Dimensions: 25cm x 8cm x 8cm

Colour: Black