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Aluminium Poppers Inhaler - Blue




Blue popper inhaler with a very discreet but modern design. Ideally sized to have your poppers always available anywhere.

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By using a popper inhaler instead of a popper bottle, you are extending the durability of your favourite liquids. You will open the popper bottle less often, which means there will be less evaporation.

An advantage of using inhalers is that they allow you to control the intensity of the popper. To do so just put more or less liquid on the cotton ball that goes inside the inhaler. So, if your popper has a stronger aroma and you want to decrease its intensity, it is very simple. Just moisten the cotton ball a little less.

In addition, if you use poppers frequently, it has certainly happened to you to bring your bottle of poppers a little too close to your nose and get some irritation in that area. These mishaps will not happen if you are using a poppers inhaler.

It is important to tell you that using poppers through a poppers inhaler or directly from the bottle is exactly the same in terms of effects.

Warning: Before placing the popper in the inhaler, it is necessary to put a little bit of cotton or other absorbent material. Only then should you put your favourite liquid in the inhaler. Otherwise, the liquid in your popper will leak when it is not upright.

Reasons why you'll love this product:
- Very discreet poppers inhaler
- Very light
- Resistant to impacts
- Ideal for use in the bedroom or outside
- Reusable
- Easy to use

Material: Aluminium

Colour: Blue

Length: approximately 6 cm
Diameter: approximately 1.5 cm