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Aluminium Poppers Inhaler - Gray




A small, modern looking and very discreet poppers inhaler. Perfect for you to have the best poppers available anywhere.

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If your are a frequent poppers user I’m sure this has happened to you one time or two. You are fooling around with your partner, decide to use poppers and as you are trying to open the bottle it tilts over, spills or drops in the middle of the bed. That is no fun. Besides the incredible waste of you beloved popper, the room now really smells and all of your sheets are stained.

And thy is why more and more of our frequent popper users are choosing to elect our light but resistant aluminium poppers inhalers. This grey one is just one of the 4 colour available. It comes in black, blue or purple.

Using a popper inhaler is not rocket science. It is actually quite easy:
1 – Take out the lid or outer cover
2 – Open the container
3 – Place a little bit of cotton ball or any other absorbent material soaked in liquid poppers inside the container
4 – Close the container
5 – Put the lid on.

After that, just open the lid, inhale deeply and there you go, you get the same effects as if you were doing it directly from the bottle. When you notice the effects starting to fade, or just when you want to replace for a new popper brand, all you have to do is replace the cotton ball. Easy as that.

Be aware: this popper inhaler is not a container for placing the liquid popper. It is not watertight so it is always necessary to use a little cotton or other material to absorb the liquid and work properly. Otherwise, you will only be wasting this precious liquid as it will pour as soon as you put the inhaler down.

Reasons why you'll love this product:
- Very discreet poppers inhaler
- Very light
- Resistant to impacts
- Ideal for use in the bedroom or outside
- Reusable
- Easy to use

Material: Aluminium

Colour: Gray

Length: approximately 6 cm
Diameter: approximately 1.5 cm