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Stainless Steel Poppers Inhaler with String




Looking for a discreet way to take your favourite poppers with you anywhere? With this inhaler it is possible. Put it around your neck and have your favourite popper close at hand.

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This amazing stainless steel inhaler is the ideal solution to always have your favourite popper ready to go. The discreet string allows you to put this aromatherapy style inhaler around your neck and take it with you at any time. If you prefer, its compact and resistant shape allows you to put the inhaler in your pocket so that no one knows your secret.

This product can be separated into 3 three parts. The outer cover is easily removable. The rest can also be unscrewed and this is where you can put the aroma in, and it is also in one of those parts where you can attach the string to use the inhaler easily around your neck.

To put your favourite popper in the inhaler, just soak a little piece of cotton ball with the liquid popper and put it inside the inhaler. Then, close it tightly, put the outer cover on, and that's it. Whenever you want to use the inhaler, just open the outer cover, gently bring it to your nose and inhale deeply to get a quick and effective aroma release. Much simpler than having to look for the little bottle either between the sheets or in any other situation.

When the effect becomes too light or you want to change the aroma, just replace the cotton ball with a new one. The stainless steel material is impact and corrosion resistant. And thanks to the black string that comes with it, it will quickly become your favourite fashion accessory. In the bedroom or on the street.

Attention: never pour the liquid popper directly into the inhaler as this will cause it to leak when placed horizontally or when suspended by the string. You should always use a little cotton ball or other absorbent product to place the popper inside the inhaler.

Reasons why you'll love this product:
- Very discreet poppers inhaler
- Strong and resistant
- Includes approximately 100cm long string to hang it around the neck
- Ideal for use in the bedroom or on the street
- Reusable
- Easy to use

This product includes:
- Stainless steel inhaler
- Black coloured thread about 100 cm

Material: Stainless steel

Colour: Silver

Length: approximately 5 cm
Diameter: approximately 1.5 cm