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Thick Handle Leather Flogger



SEVW Extreme

Magnificent flogger-style whip with an exquisite grip. Ideal for those who want to leave their mark well during BDSM sessions.

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This beautiful flogger whip is a BDSM item that you will be proud to place in a prominent place alongside your other BDSM toys. The black handle with a beautiful cross pattern and metallic details makes this flogger a collectible.

But the rightful place of this whip is not on display. The numerous soft strips of synthetic leather are capable of providing an extraordinary erotic and sensory experience, in the perfect balance between pain and pleasure. In turn, the ergonomic handle made of non-slip material allows a better grip so that each lash is delivered in the exact location. The result is a very red butt and a delightfully satisfied partner.

If you are going to use this flogger whip get ready to make your mark. That is why this product is best suited for people with some BDSM experience or for those who have no problem displaying a well-defined rear.

It has a strap to put around the wrist, which provides extra control and makes it much easier to store the whip. Just hang it by the strap in an easily accessible place so that it is close at hand the next time you decide to use it.

This is another excellent product from the SEVW Extreme brand dedicated to BDSM lovers. In this brand you will find everything you need to give life to your deepest desires and darkest fantasies, always with the guarantee of high quality and maximum pleasure.

Reasons why you'll love this flogger whip:
- Numerous and long falls of synthetic leather to cover a larger impact surface
- Ergonomic non-slip handle with careful visual
- Beautiful details in shiny metal
- Suitable for intermediate or experienced users
- Wrist strap for greater control and easy storage
- Easy to care for

Brand: SEVW Extreme

Material: Leather

Length: approx. 45 cm

Colour: Black