Dark Crystal

Dark Crystal 

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This smooth butt plug reaches his strongest diameter of 58 mm after 9.5 cm and then reduces to 38 mm. The butt plug can be inserted comfortable thanks to a rounded tip and a smooth surface. The flexible material is soft and smooth.

Wonderfully smooth anal plug made of soft, flexible material. The 22 mm wide tip is pleasantly rounded and facilitates insertion. The diameter increases slowly and reaches a thickness of about 45 mm after 8.5 cm. The taper at the end is about 26 mm thick.

Filling stimulations offers this self-standing fist dildo. The 80x65mm strong fist is 9cm long. The diameter at the wrist is about 50mm and expands slowly to the end till 80mm. The skin-friendly material is smooth and very slippery in combination with lubricant gel.

Gode réaliste 20 cm avec ventouse qui vous permet de profiter du divertissement mains libres juste à l'extérieur de la chambre. Profitez de la forme réaliste et la texture et le corps souple pour le confort.

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