Dark Crystal

Dark Crystal 

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Wonderfully smooth anal plug made of soft, flexible material. The 22 mm wide tip is pleasantly rounded and facilitates insertion. The diameter increases slowly and reaches a thickness of about 45 mm after 8.5 cm. The taper at the end is about 26 mm thick.

Filling stimulations offers this self-standing fist dildo. The 80x65mm strong fist is 9cm long. The diameter at the wrist is about 50mm and expands slowly to the end till 80mm. The skin-friendly material is smooth and very slippery in combination with lubricant gel..

Dildo realista de 20 cm com ventosa que lhe permite desfrutar de entretenimento mãos-livres mesmo fora do quarto. Desfrute da forma e textura realista e do corpo flexível para maior conforto.

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